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The ProfitLink Solution™ is an incentive plan design and profit education system that helps business owners and leaders align all employees to shared company goals. ProfitLink contributes to company cultures built on trust, employees focused on measurables they can directly affect, and improvements in overall company financial performance.


The Power of Profit: How to Effectively Incentivize Your Employees and Grow Your Business

Companies win when their employees understand how they benefit from being part of a profitable company, but the vast majority of employees probably don’t think too much about profit.


Profit is powerful. Not only does profit fund growth, it provides a return for investors and owners, and creates new opportunities for employees. When your entire company is focused on profit, you can foster positive tension and a culture of success. So how do you get your employees to understand their link to profits?


We work with business owners to design and implement simple, effective incentive plans that improve team health and employee engagement.


Are you ready to increase employee productivity and maximize your company’s potential?

The ProfitLink Solution™ Delivers

  • An incentive plan design that is co-created with each individual client, based on a thorough understanding of their business


  • The plan design tool with instruction, for updating the plan year-to-year, as budgets and goals change


  • The online ProfitLink Masterclass, a complete set of simple, practical tools to confidently bring profit education into your organization, driving results through engaging everyone in your vision


  • A comprehensive, customized presentation for introducing the No-Entitlement Incentive Plan™ and profit education to employees

  • A one-page written plan document with the incentive plan details

The ProfitLink Masterclass will support you with:

Quarterly State of the

Company Meetings

Amplify every State of the Company Meeting by increasing your level of transparency, participation, commitment, celebration, business literacy and ownership mentality.


Manager Meetings

Monthly Manager Meetings ensure your broader management team has tools to speak the language of business, stay focused on profit and cash, and elevate themselves from managers into results-driven leaders.

Coaching Conversations

A coaching conversation is a tool that your managers use to consistently coach their direct reports, proactively address issues as well as teach profit education content and brainstorm profit-improvement ideas.

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