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Face The Hard Stuff



Focus On Work That Drives Real Results

Good To Great Requires The Removal of Busy Work

Never Forget!!!

YOU Must Face The Hard Stuff to Break Through!

It’s Just An Issue

The difference between success and failure comes down to your MINDSET regarding ISSUES.

LMA Is Best When You CARE....Truly Care For Your People

The Single Greatest Advantage In Business

Stagnate leaders create stagnate teams.

Every Leader Must Grow their Capacity

8 Reasons Why Every Team Needs Traction Tools

We are OFFICIALLY in the 4th Quarter

Daily Disciplines Drive Results

Good To Great Reminder: Disciplined People

Every Idea Needs to be Filtered

Calibrated Ideas Produce More Impact

How to Bring Your A-Game Everyday

Winter Is Coming

Great Leaders Reduce Fear Through Preparation

Love it vs Tolerate it

W.A.R. Tracker Support Video

5 Tips for a better chance at Successful Implementation

How to WOW Your Boss and Live Your Best Life

How Self-Awareness, Authenticity and GWC Catapult You and Your Company!

The Truth Will Set You Free

7 Areas Where You Need To Know The Truth

Whatever You Tolerate, You ENDORSE!

Overcome Your Frustrations By Asking ONE Question.

Everyone wants to be EXTRAORDINARY!!

Be Willing To Ask This Question

Coronavirus and Your Leadership!


The #1 Skill of Great Leaders That Moves Their Team To Action.

Everyone Needs Clarity

Increase Drive: Purpose, Mastery and Autonomy requires 4 Things at Work

Going Fast VS Going Far

5 Tips To Go Far

How is your Grip?UL

Issues are your duty!

LMA Yourself

Mindset Matters

It’s not the program, the class or the system that matters. It’s your mindset towards the system that matters.

Replace or Develop

Stay Connected

Culture Eats Strategy For Lunch: Leaders Build Influence By Connecting.

Termination Doesn’t Equal RPRS Issue

LMA Means Helping the People and Company Thrive

Three Keys To Crush 2020

The bridge between Hope and Reality!

Which Curve Are You Feeding?

I’m feeling a little exposed...but I hope it’s helpful!!

Your Vote Matters More Than You Realize

But it’s not what you think!!!!!!

5 Tips to a Freakin’ Awesome Clarity Break

Improve one of the most underutilized tools in the EOS Toolbox

L + M = A

You must WALK THE TALK...if you want real TRACTION BELOW YOU.

10 Tips For Freakin Awesome L-10 Meetings

L-10 Mastery Starts With You

Traction Requires That YOU RECOMMIT

7 Areas Every Leader Must RECOMMIT When facing Hard Stuff

EOS 1 Platform, Traction Tools and Zapier

Stuff and Links to check out!

4 Commitments Required to Build a Compelling Vision for Your Team

And a bunch of FREE Resources to Help

The Physical Environment Sucks the Life Out of Me!!

Great Leaders Create Great Environments For Their Teams!

5 Nuggets to Improve Your L-10’s

Free Your Mind - Increase Productivity

Empty Your Head with a CLARITY BREAK!

Two Questions Required to Gain Massive Traction!

9 Key Areas That Everyone Must Own

4 Attributes of Successful People and Teams

These attributes must be present all the way through the journey.

3 Steps Required to Solve Your Biggest Issues

A Culture of Discipline is more believable when a leader’s words align with their actions.

Do what you say. More is CAUGHT than TAUGHT.

Are You Creating A Culture of Fear Or Trust?

Belief is the foundation of all great achievement.

Having a V/TO vs a Compelling Vision

You need this deep on the inside to lead yourself and others.

My Recipe To Freakin’ Crush It!

4 Ingredients of Every Great Achiever

Same Page Meetings

A Story Straight from Gino Wickman and Don Tinney

Home Grown Management

Clarity Breaks

How bad do you want to win?

Critical conversations regarding capacity in GWC.

Define Your Skill Gap Early

Align Company Trajectory with the Skills You Need to Acquire

Freakin’ Master IDS

The Key Discipline Required to Get an Edge on the Competition During this Crisis

Grace > Perfection

This is Why Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch

How To Gain Weekly Traction

Stop underestimating the power of IDS combined with To-do Completion rates!!!!!

L-10 Engagement Is Key

What Sets the Pace?

Looking good VS Delivering the Goods

Personal VTO

Same Page Conversations

Take LMA to another level!

It Just Takes One Positive Statement

The Scorecard Tells A Story

Who Accepts or Rejects Habitual Mediocrity

Truth Activates Trust.....Trust Activates Truth

A Painful Personal Story That Might Help You Avoid A Similar Outcome!

Will this crisis make you bitter or BETTER?

COVID-19 is not the ENEMY you must overcome!

Leverage Your Losses

Sometimes you win. Sometimes you learn.

The #1 ENEMY of Open, Honest and Transparent Cultures

Learn What Passive Aggression Looks Like at Work

Frustration, Awareness and Hitting The Ceiling

Procrastination may be a good indication.

Ancient Leadership Nugget

Increase Your Influence and Infuse Belief in Your Vision

Issue Resolution is DIRECTLY tied to To-Do Completion

Recommit to 90% To-Do Completion Every 7 Days

You Can Love Your Life or You Can Tolerate Your Life

This mindset helps me!

3 Ingredients Required to Win with Your Scorecard

Intentional Activity, Consistency and Intensity

Why Some Of Your Team Thinks L-10 Meetings Are Overrated!

The Value of Looking in the Mirror Daily and Weekly

A Story of How Small Failures Lead to Long Term Success


Traction Requires an Open, Honest, Transparent Environment.

Are YOU owning your One Thing Commitment?

One word answers: Better, Worse, Same

We Must Commit To Mastery

If you want more you must become more.

Gino’s Greatest AHA after 2,000 Session Days

7 Criteria of the Best Leadership Teams

Leverage Your Losses

Sometimes you win. Sometimes you learn.

50% Of the Year is OVER!

Do You Love What You Have Produced?!?!

Great Leaders Set Expectations

By Sharing Yours and Hearing Theirs

2 Nuggets On Building A Freakin’ Awesome Culture

Hint....It’s 100% on the leader!

Results Require Ownership Rant

Book knowledge is worthless without massive action!

The Power of ONE Word

The power of applying one word to your leadership and life.

A Compelling Vision vs a V/TO

You must have both!

Control The Controllables

Lead Your Teams with Hope and Sound Perspective

Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch

No End Runs! No Triangulation!

Do This To Gain More Traction

Whatever You Tolerate You Endorse!

Get IT Out of Your Head

Traction Requires Leaders to Empty Their Head


Infinite Vision Trumps Finite Vision

Unpacking the Power of Vision with Tim Leman, CEO of Gibson

LMA Can Be Inconvenient

Great Leaders Make The Investment To Develop Others

Map of Success

Refuse to be Offended

Self Awareness

Tangents - Change The Narrative

This Too Shall Pass

Are You Going to be a Victor or a Victim of this pandemic?

Victory Loves Preparation!

Your Job Is To Build Trust

Great Leaders Build Trust in Downturns while Bad Leaders Lose Trust in Downturns.

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